ongoing projects


python implementation of the Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics


AmbiScaper is a python library for automatic generation and annotation of reverberant Ambisonics datasets.

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Source code:

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AmbisonicsDRIR is a SOFA Convention proposal, currently under development, which aims to create a compact, standardized file format for storing Directional Room Impulse Responses in the Ambisonics domain.

Source code:

past projects


3Dj, a framework for real-time sound spatialization in SuperCollider.

Source code:

3Dj demo

RTML: Real-Time Machine Listening

RTML is a convenience GUI/OSC wrapper for real-time Music Information Retrieval in SuperCollider, intended for artistic purposes. Partially funded by Telenoika’s Research and Development Grants 2013.

Source code:

RTML demo


The Bigram is a musical notation system, designed to ease music learning and exploit psychoacoustical cues. The BigramEditor is the reference editor implemented in SuperCollider.

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Reference paper:


Custom python hack which allows to connect to a Myo without the official SDK, and send the data through OSC.

Source code:

MyoRawOSC demo


Several data sonification projects, using python, SuperCollider and NetLogo. Including magnetic spaces, winner of the ICAD 2015 Sonification Contest

Source code:

Sonification Demo